Why A Ft. Lauderdale Airboat Ride Is Perfect For The Winter

While Ft. Lauderdale airboat rides may seem like a summer activity but it can actually be enjoyed all year long, including winter. Many tourists and local citizens would even consider the winter the perfect time for an Everglades tour. There’s a lesser chance of a storm canceling a trip, and the mosquitos seem to die down a bit. When planning on booking a Ft. Lauderdale airboat ride, don’t immediately knock the winter months from your plans.

Booking A Ft. Lauderdale Airboat Ride This Winter

  • New Experience
  • Comfortable Climate
  • More Sights To See

New Experience

While every Florida native has most likely experienced an Everglades airboat tour at least once in their life, there are many people across the world where airboat rides are impossible or impractical. In the winter it snows profusely to the point that they’re unable to leave their own home. They spend their winters trapped at home and shoveling snow out of their driveway so they can get to work through a blizzard. Leave all that behind and embark on an airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale. Here in sunny South Florida, there’s never snow, or freezing temperatures, making this the perfect destination for northerners to come and experience something for the very first time.

Comfortable Climate

In most places across the planet, it becomes incredibly cold when winter comes around. It’s unbearable to be outside unless wrapped up in six different layers of clothing. Shed your winter parkas and enjoy a Floridian winter on a Ft. Lauderdale airboat tour. South Florida experiences winters where the temperatures hit highs of 65 and lows of 40. Rain tends to die down and mosquitoes go into hiding. This makes it the perfect time of the year to be in Florida and cruising through the Everglades on an airboat tour.

Basically, the Florida winter temperatures are perfect. Not too hot, but definitely not cold. You can easily walk around in comfortable clothing. Shorts and t-shirts, and maybe jeans and long sleeves at most. Then let’s not forget about the lower humidity. Because Florida can get really humid in the summer. In fact, the summer is when Florida gets most of its water for the year. In comparison, the Florida winter is so much more comfortable. That also includes far fewer mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. This is what makes it the most popular time for people to visit the Everglades.

More Sights To See

Airboat tours in Fort Lauderdale are perfect during winter because of how much more there is to see. Alligators, one of the most sought animals in the Everglades, are very easily spotted during the winter. They lay in the sun all day to build energy so they’re able to regulate their body heat during the cold nights. Since they can’t exert much energy during the day, they’re more likely to stay still when an airboat shows up. Migratory birds also find themselves residing in the Everglades during the winter to avoid the snow and harsh conditions up north.

Visibility is also greatly improved, due to the lower levels of humidity. This is especially true about the Everglades where fog starts making its presence during the wet season. So this one is actually pretty simple, but less fog and less rain always allow you to see further and clearer. All of it without the need for a poncho. With less steam building on your sunglasses and a better view, there is a reason why winter is the most popular season.

Booking in summer?

There are however some people that will prefer to book their Florida trip in the summer. The main reason is this: there are far fewer people, fewer tourists at that time of the year.  Some people also consider summer to be the true Florida experience, with all the heat and humidity you can muster. In reality, it very much depends on what rocks your boat the most. We all prefer different things, and you should just do what you think will work best for you.

From the incredible weather to the range of animals guests will see, it’s no wonder the wintertime is perfect for an airboat tour. When planning on booking a private airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale, make sure to book with Ft. Lauderdale Airboat Rides. They offer the most in-depth tours through the Everglades at unbeatable prices. Contact us today to learn more about booking a trip or call us at +1 (954) 338-4890.

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