There’s no better way to see the Florida Everglades than by taking an airboat ride with Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides. Safe, exhilarating, and fun for the whole family. Our airboat tour brings you up close and personal with some of the most beautiful wetland scenery in the Everglades. Discover colorful wildlife. Fort Lauderdale airboat tours are a great way to allow you to come face to face with Florida’s Everglades wildlife, such as alligators, white-tailed deer, and birdlife for which the state is justly famous. Experience the majesty of Florida's most incredible natural attraction, the Everglades with Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides.

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With the current COVID-19 crisis, we take your safety more seriously than ever. Discover why Private airboat rides are the safest way to tour the Everglades.

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The Florida Everglades is one of America’s last great wildernesses – a fascinating and diverse ecosystem that remains surprisingly unspoiled.  These wetlands are home to some of the most unusual and exotic bird and animal life in North America. This is despite the best efforts of Man to encroach on their territory. The only way possible to see them is by airboats.

The Florida Everglades is home to 67 different threatened or endangered species.

Airboat Rides in the Everglades are one of the best ways to experience the real in-depth look at the echo system, particularly rich and diverse, from herons and egrets to cranes and ospreys. But it’s perhaps for the gators that we know the Everglades the best. An airboat ride won’t disappoint you on this score. Experienced captains who grew up in the waterways of the Everglades conduct our airboat rides. They know just where to take you to see the best that this wondrous natural habitat has to offer.

Experience The Everglades With An Airboat Tour

At Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides,  we make our tour boats to the highest standards. An airboat ride is really a great way to see the wetlands of the Everglades. Indeed, after the alligators themselves, airboats are probably one of Florida’s most famous sights! But an airboat ride isn’t just a thrill ride – our mission is also one of education and conservation. On a Fort Lauderdale airboat tour, you’ll learn about the fragile and unique ecosystem that sustains the wildlife of the Everglades and hopefully come away with a renewed sense of how precious the Everglades National Park is to our country’s ecology. Fort Lauderdale Airboat rides committed to protecting the environment of the Everglades. So our Everglades airboat rides keep to designated waterways and operate at all times with safety in mind – the safety not just of our guests but also the residents of these ancient wetlands and rivers.

Airboat safety is one of our top concerns, and we’re glad to be able to assure you that airboat rides are absolutely safe for all members of the family. We inspect our airboats daily and conform to all applicable safety statutes. Also, we take pains to ensure that all boats are equipped with first aid kits, flotation devices, and communications systems, so in the unlikely event of any mishap, there would be no cause for concern.

All of our captains have USCG certification and are local to the Everglades, so they know these complex waterways like the back of their hands, and you couldn’t be in better ones.

Everglades Airboat Rides For The Whole Family

One out of every three Floridians relies on the water supply from the Everglades.

If you are looking for a slow pace ride or you are a Thrill-seeker looking for an exciting way to see the Everglades and a bit of local wildlife, then you have found the right company. Children between 6 and 12 ride half price, and children under 6 ride for free – so it’s a great way to organize a family outing, as well. In fact, kids of all ages are sure to be enthralled by the airboat ride! You’ll find that an airboat tour with Ft Lauderdale airboat rides is something you’ll never forget.

Ft Lauderdale Airboat Tours Blue heron observed on an Eco-tour

Ft Lauderdale Airboat Tours Bird Encounters

Ft Lauderdale airboat tours are known for their wildlife and animal encounters. It is because the Everglades have countless reptiles, mammals, fish, and bird species. The Everglades national park is also home to many endangered and protected species. While most people will come to our Ft Lauderdale airboat tours to witness the incredible American Alligator and crocodile, we also get many keen...
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Everglades Airboat Rides Fan Boat Ride

Why Everglades Airboat Rides Are Better Than Ordinary Boats

People ask us questions about our Everglades airboat rides, whether they are looking to book a ride or simply out of curiosity. One of those questions is about our mode of transportation. Specifically, we often have to address the fact that Everglades tours take place in an airboat instead of an ordinary boat. While this seems easy to answer, it makes sense that people are asking this. After...
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Florida Airboat Rides with family

Florida Airboat Rides With Your Kids – What You Should Know

Many people wonder if Florida airboat rides are a suitable activity for their children. It is always a valid concern, as, after all, the Everglades does count some dangers. The idea of bringing your kids close to alligators can serve as a turnoff, and that makes sense. The great news is that we have many people getting their families on our Everglades tours, and as you are about to find out,...
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