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It is always best to book your Everglades airboat rides with us in advance. We will need your email to send a confirmation and directions so please fill out the contact form with all information requested on our contact page. Also please see our frequently asked questions section to answer any questions you may have about our airboat rides at the time of booking.



Airboat Rides

1 ­Hour  Airboat Ride Entry level Joy Ride

A basic one hour non stop ride threw the river of grass in the Florida Everglades .This package provides a brief look at the Florida Everglades non stop, at a joy ride pace. This package is a brief look at the the Eco system one hour is not a long time to see the millions of acres of Everglades.

$275 includes 2 passengers 


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  • Includes 2  riders.
  • Additional  riders $75/each
  • Children 5 and under ride free.


Florida Everglades2 ­Hour Everglades Explorer Airboat Ride

Our most popular airboat ride in the Everglades, this package includes an in depth look at the ecosystem of the Florida everglades, narrated by your Native Captain with multiple stops, viewing wildlife, historic sites as well as a fun family airboat ride. This  Everglades airboat tour is narrated and we make frequent stops for wildlife, Alligators, Birds and photo opportunities. In all this Everglades tour package is for everyone, a great echo tour of the everglades with a splash of speed and excitement.

$375 includes 2 passengers

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  • Multiple photo opportunities and wildlife encounters
  • Available year round
  • Includes 2 riders.
  • Additional adult riders $75/each
  • Children under 6 ride free.
  • Children between the ages of 6-12 are $35/each


We are proud to announce our new locations in Miami and West Palm beach  We now offer airboat rides in Miami and Airboat rides in West Palm beach  Fl.

For Miami airboat rides in the Everglades  please contact

For airboat rides in West Palm Beach  please contact



All of our Airboat Rides in Fort Lauderdale Florida portion of the Everglades are private, so who ever you book with are the only ones on the boat – no strangers; just you and your family or friends on our smaller airboats. We can also provide larger fan boats for big parties or corporate events. For site work, still photography, film work, or government work please contact us for a quote.

Come explore the largest subtropical wilderness in the southern portion of the United States near Fort Lauderdale. Classified as one of the widest rivers in the world, a river system 60 miles wide by a 100 miles long which flows from the Kissimmee river south to Florida Bay at the tip of the south end of Florida. One of the terms or nick names for the Florida Everglades was popularized by Writer Marjory Stoneman Douglas she called it the River Of Grass because of the water flow and all of the sawgrass that is found in the Florida Everglades.

On your airboat ride we often encounter wildlife such as the American Alligator who makes his home in the Florida Everglades as well as several species of snakes and birds such as the great blue heron, the egret, the white Ibis and the roseate spoonbill. You may encounter are native turtles that live in the shallows as well.

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