What Differs Between Our One and Two-Hour Tour?

We here at Ft Lauderdale Airboat Rides understand that people looking for airboat tours through the Everglades want it to be a truly unique experience unlike any other. They want to feel the wind against their face as they glide across the water. Enjoying the true beauty that the Everglades has to offer can be difficult when on a public tour, where several groups board an airboat together. On those public tours, people may yell and talk throughout the trip, severely impacting the trip for some looking to really discover the Everglades and learn more about it. Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides offers their own private tours so groups can really uncover the Everglades and learn about a whole new world.

Ft. Lauderdale breaks their tours into one-hour rides and two-hour rides. There are different options to cater to your preferences. Whether looking for a nice family event to spend the day, an exciting experience, or to get closer to the environment.

One-Hour Ft Lauderdale Airboat Rides

Our one-hour tour is a brisk experience on our custom-built 300 horsepower aluminum airboat. The high speeds experienced on this ride are a thrilling experience. Passengers glide across the top of the water and through the sawgrass. Our private airboat packages only allow for a limited number of people on board, allowing them to really fly through the Everglades and provide the most exhilarating tour possible. Due to the time limit, our one-hour tour doesn’t go very deep into the Everglades. At $275, our private one-hour tour includes two passengers. Each additional passenger costs $75 for adults and $35 for children.

Two-Hour Ft Lauderdale Airboat Rides

Ft. Lauderdale Airboat Rides’ two-hour tour is the best available private Everglades tour for those looking to get an in-depth look at the Everglades. Along the trip, we make several stops. Passengers have an opportunity to take photos and see some unique spots within the heart of the Everglades. Our two-hour tours also offer the opportunity to see the animals that are naturally found within the Everglades. It could be the Florida Panther, American Alligator, and American Crocodile. There are also a wide variety of birds including the Ibis. Those looking for the truest Everglades tour would be sorely disappointed if they didn’t take this trip. The price of this tour is $375 for two passengers. Each additional passenger costs $75 for adults and $35 for children.

Which tour is best for you?

In most cases, you probably won’t be rushed for time. From the preparation to getting there, doing a one-hour or two-hour tour won’t take you that much longer. It is more about what sort of tour you prefer. Do you want a really thrilling and fast-paced action-adventure, or do you prefer taking your time to soak in the beauty of the Everglades?

Nature lovers and animal observers will most likely be more interested in the two-hour tour. It will give you more time to potentially spot some rare creatures. You will be able to learn more about the Everglades, and you will have more pictures to take home with you. If you are someone that enjoys spotting birds, then the two-hour tour will be best. Take your time to find that rare species while the captain can explain as much to you about the Everglades as they can.

On the other side, let’s say you’re with your family and teenagers. They just want to have fun, and they don’t mind a bit of nature in the process. In that case, the one-hour thrill ride might work out perfectly. You will no doubt enjoy the fast-paced ride, and the idea of possibly going past an alligator will spice things up a little. Some younger people get bored quickly, some not. Ultimately it depends more on what you feel like doing. It’s up to you to figure out: thrill or cruise? The choice is yours!

Whether capturing a glimpse of the nearby wildlife while zooming by it or getting up close and personal with the character and charm of the swamp, our airboat rides can provide that experience. Contact us or us now at (954) 338-4890 to schedule a time for a ride. We allow scheduling flexibility if the weather does not permit it.

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