Airboat Safety

 Airboat safety in the Everglades

Airboat safety is our first priority. While we want you to thoroughly enjoy your excursion into the Florida Everglades, at the same time we want you to come back safely. Airboat safety is a must in the Everglades. Therefore, before any airboat leaves our facility on a tour, we go through a detailed airboat safety checklist. We never leave any stone unturned, and we go through a rigorous routine to ensure your safety stays at the top of our priorities list. We will always adhere to this high standard, as we believe in offering the best Everglades experience, but also the safest.

Daily airboat inspections

First, our airboats are inspected daily, not weekly or monthly. We only use the safest airboats and equipment. We also do realize that problems can occur on a daily basis. This is why our captains and their crews do a thorough inspection each morning before we start our airboat tours for the day. After all, the airboat is your best security net, and we always ensure it is in perfect condition for your Everglades tour. We will always have plenty of fuel, our engine and our boats are always in top condition.

Always checking the weather

Another aspect of airboat safety that we take into consideration is the weather. Florida has an unpredictable climate and is one of the leading states for lighting strikes. We do not take chances with your safety when it comes to the weather. At Ft Lauderdale Airboats, we will only send out airboat tours or airboat rides when we feel it is safe to do so. If the weather makes it unsafe we will cancel our trips to keep you safe at all times. Your safety matters more to us, and we know Florida’s weather very well. A cancelation is always a let-down, but we simply never take any chances. We hope you can understand that this is always the right choice.

Airboat safety equipment

Another way that we ensure our customers that we take airboat safety seriously is through the safety equipment on our airboats. Each airboat is equipped with first aid kits, communication capabilities, and flotation devices. As part of our daily airboat inspections, we will also ensure that all our safety equipment is intact and complete. We only hire captains who grew up in the Everglades. This means that they know how to keep you safe from wildlife and other natural dangers. We know how to use the safety equipment on board, that is why we feel confident taking you out to the Everglades. You’re in good hands with us.

U.S Coast Guard Certified

Finally, all of the airboat captains are USCG certified. In Florida, it’s the law to be a certified U.S. Coast Guard Captain. Beyond being a simple formality, this also means our captains have all the necessary experience and know-how. We can deal with many situations as we are always prepared.  Buyer beware, make sure the company that you are dealing with shows you their captain’s license and insurance upon request. There are some amateurs out there that might pretend they are USCG certified, so always ask them to prove it. We never do things half-way. This is why Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides offers the best and safest tours of the Everglades.

Experienced captains

Another thing worth mentioning is that our captains know the Everglades like their own garden. We know of the best places to take you, but also we avoid the places you shouldn’t go to. When we encounter animals, we know about keeping our distances, and we can spot them even when most people cannot. Crocodiles and alligators are very good at hiding but don’t worry, we won’t bring you too close and we simply don’t disturb the wildlife. We make sure you stay safe while respecting the animal’s well-being and intimacy.

Our lead airboat captain is Captain Wayne Gilbert Jr. He is a licensed and insured airboat captain whose family has been living in Florida for three generations. As a boy he would go air boating in the Everglades at a very young age, so he knows the area very well. He instructs all of our other captains in airboat safety protocols, ensuring that our crew always keeps safety at the forefront of their minds. Contact us today for a safe airboat ride through the Fort Lauderdale Everglades Fort Lauderdale airboat rides

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