Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides

Fort Lauderdale Airboat rides

Fort Lauderdale Airboat rides in the Florida Everglades Everglades attracts a lot of people due to its abundant flora and fauna. The swamps of Florida are filled with both crocodiles and alligators.  They are sometimes not easy to spot on an airboat ride. The American Alligators are nocturnal creatures and their eyes turn bright red when they are hunting at night. Fort Lauderdale airboat rides offer private airboat tours of the Florida Everglades to view Alligators in the wild.

When going with Fort Lauderdale airboat rides, make sure you are quiet, as any noise can scare off the alligators, causing them to go inside the water and away from you. During the day, the alligators are more low-key and usually lurk just beneath the surface of the water.

What to Expect During a Tour of the Everglades

Get ready to see exotic birds and get up close with alligators while gliding through the mangrove forests and saw grass prairies. Besides airboating, a touring of the Everglades (the third-largest national park in the US) also offers other activities. Hiking, biking, canoeing, boating, and kayaking are all part of the many things you can do. You can also travel the swamps accompanied by a ranger. Observe wildlife on a safari, make your way through the River of Grass, a name often used to refer to the Everglades

Alligators on Fort Lauderdale Private Airboat Rides

Alligators essentially live among people in Florida.   American Alligators can propel at speeds of up to 20 mph in water. And faster on land. Spotting American alligators is difficult because of their body color. Tourists sometimes mistake them for logs. Therefore, it is necessary that you take binoculars with you on your airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale. Be vigilant, because, in Florida, you can spot an alligator almost anywhere!

These alligators are extremely territorial, they travel and hunt alone. However, sometimes they do gather in an area with dry land to bask in the sun and/or look for potential mates. These alligators are less active in winter, and they congregate on dry land to warm up. The best seasons for an airboat tour in Fort Lauderdale Florida are winter and spring. This is the time when they mate, lay eggs, and are more active and easier to spot. It is also important to be cautious because mother alligators are really protective.   They also protect their nests aggressively by belling and hissing. Regardless, swamp tours can be one of the most adventurous and educational experiences a person can have in Florida!

Everglades weather to expect

Florida has two distinct seasons: the dry season (winter) and the wet season (summer). The dry season is cooler and dryer, while the wet season is hotter and more humid. The most popular time to visit the Everglades is during the dry season. First of all, mosquitoes aren’t much of a problem during the dry season. Most importantly,  the sun is much less intense, which makes the heat much easier to handle. Also, and that’s a big point too, the dry season is, as its name implies, a whole lot dryer. Take a certain temperature on a dry day. Now take the same temperature on a humid day. You’ll see how much easier it is when it is dry, the difference can be staggering!

As we said above, the wet season is much more intense. Higher temperatures, more sun, and humidity make your clothes feel all sticky. But, some people don’t mind it at all. In fact, there are some people that prefer it that way. To some, this heavier weather gives them the true Florida experience, how it is really supposed to be. An added bonus to the wet season is that Florida is less busy. There are fewer tourists and people around, and this can contribute further to that feeling of experiencing the real Florida. The bottom line is this: you can decide what works best for you. We offer airboat rides all year round, and we will never ask you to come on board if the weather conditions are too dangerous. Safety always comes first.

Now that you know a bit of what to expect, do you feel ready for the trip of a lifetime? You can contact us today or call us for reservations. If you’re unsure about certain details, ask away and we will give you all the info you need. We look forward to having you onboard and making you discover the true Everglades, the way it should be!

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