Florida Airboat Rides With Your Kids – What You Should Know

Many people wonder if Florida airboat rides are a suitable activity for their children. It is always a valid concern, as, after all, the Everglades does count some dangers. The idea of bringing your kids close to alligators can serve as a turnoff, and that makes sense. The great news is that we have many people getting their families on our Everglades tours, and as you are about to find out, our airboat rides are not only safe but a lot of fun for the whole family.

Florida airboat rides are safe

The first thing to know is that our airboat rides are safe for you and your family. We don’t simply bring you to places we don’t know, and we don’t improvise. Our captains know the area very well, as they are all natives of the Everglades. We have a long experience in piloting the boat and bringing people to the fascinating aspects of nature.

So, what does this mean? It’s simple. It means we have a flawless record with no incidents of endangering our riders, navigating through the right areas, never getting stuck or lost. We bring you close to the animals but never too close for comfort. We always prepare our airboats before each ride, and we will always suggest that you read about the best way to prepare for your ride. With everything ready, your family will have a great and also safe time.

Airboats are a lot of fun for kids

Not everyone is familiar with how an airboat works. Some people think it is just a traditional, slow-paced ride, but the reality is much different. Airboats have this massive propeller at the back, which can push them to incredible speeds. The airboat itself glides above the surface of the water. You will get a fast-paced and very thrilling ride, which children find is a lot of great fun. It isn’t just your average boat ride, but something much more exciting.

We also have to mention that airboats are perfect concerning sea sickness. Some are always concerned, and we are pleased to report that airboats don’t make you or your kids feel seasick. The reason for that is that we glide. The boat doesn’t sway and therefore doesn’t create the movement that causes seasickness to occur. You can consequently remove this deal-breaking aspect from your concerns.

Another significant aspect of airboats is that they are safe. There is also enough space for you and your children. As the boat glides above the water, we don’t hit any animals or get stuck by a few plants. We fly above it all, meaning we never get stuck and don’t interfere with nature. Animals will tend to ignore us to observe them while keeping a safe distance from them.

Private Florida airboat rides are always safer

Did we mention that all of our Florida airboat rides are private? We do this for many reasons, including intimacy but also safety. We know you don’t want other unknown tourists to put you at risk by behaving stupidly. This aspect of tourism is always unpredictable, and we like to remove this from the equation altogether. It is just you, your family, and of course, our airboat captain. This intimacy means you can have a much better experience, especially when bringing your children.

A private airboat ride also means the captain has more time to talk to you and your children. We can speak with you about the Everglades and answer all your questions without being shut down by another big group of tourists that have a million questions themselves. It is more time to focus on you, more time to focus on your children, their safety, and any concerns they may have.

To sum it, our Florida airboat rides are perfect for you and your children. Most of you will always express some concerns, which is why we always encourage you to talk to us first when you are booking your ride. Feel free to ask us if your child is too young for our rides, and always let us know of any health condition they might have. We will reply and always put their safety and yours before anything else!

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