Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale

Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale

Everglades tours Fort Lauderdale can be a fun and exciting trip for the entire family. Whether you are young or old there are many options. The first thing I would like to clear up is the fact that the everglades run from south of  Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay. And east to west from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Myers. Most visitors think that the Everglades is only in Miami. However, this is not true at all. You Can take an Everglades tour from Fort LauderdaleWest Palm Beach, or Miami, the Florida Everglades is the size of the state of Rhode Island. I think the confusing part for visitors to the Everglades is the headquarters for Everglades National Park is in Miami. Ironically there are no airboat tours allowed inside the park boundaries at all.

Fort Lauderdale Everglades Tours

Everglades tours can be on water or land, Shark Valley Tram Tours can also be a fun way to see the Everglades. There are also plenty of walking and biking trails that can be navigated by land. However, You will not be able to see the everglades on just one trip. We recommend that you try different tours depending on what time of year it is. Normally the best season in the Everglades is Fall, Winter, and Spring because it is cooler.  The heat in the summertime and high water levels make it difficult to see an abundance of wildlife besides that it is a fun boat tour.  The Everglades are very warm in the summertime, to say the least.  The alligators tend to stay underwater more to keep cool from the heat of the summer.

Private airboat tours

Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides offers private airboat tours. It is the best way to visit the Everglades. You won’t be in a boat with other tourists and strangers. Private tours mean you can enjoy a more intimate ride with the people you know. Altogether, you get an experience that always feels more real. Also, private you will have more room on the boat. It’s just a better way to do things.  You will definitely appreciate making a private booking.

Meet Captain Wayne

Come and join Captain Wayne for a Florida airboat adventure. Captain Wayne is a native of the Everglades and has been an avid gladesman since a very young age. The Everglades is his garden, it is his passion. Our airboat tours are number one on Trip Advisor, and there are many reasons for that. We don’t see it as just a job, it’s a passion and a family-owned business. Check our reviews and see what everyone is saying about us. Captain Wayne will take you through an in-depth look at the Florida everglades as well as its History. Get ready to experience the beauty of the Florida Everglades.

Discover the wilderness

The Everglades is a unique place. It is abundant with plant life that is unique to the area. It is completely different from other nature reserves you can explore. Anyone that appreciates nature will be amazed at the beauty around them. Rich wild marshes will take you away from all your worries and stresses. Don’t forget, our captains are very knowledgeable. They will always take you to the best places where nature is at its best.

Enjoy the fun or airboat rides

Airboat rides aren’t only about nature discovery. Our airboats glide above the water, and they do it fast. You will experience plenty of thrills. It is definitely not your average boat ride, and you will understand that the minute you see that huge propeller at the back of the boat. Enjoy the wind on your face as it cools you down from Florida sunshine. Strap yourself in for an exciting time, adults have fun, and kids love it too. Airboat rides are the ideal family adventure. Get ready for a day you remember for the years to come.

Plan your airboat ride in the Everglades early Because we stay booked up, you may book an everglades airboat ride in advance months before you arrive. You will want to book an airboat tour very early in the morning in the summer.  In the fall and winter anytime is normally fine depending on weather conditions in south Florida. Contact us today to book your tour.

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