Wildlife Of The Everglades

Florida’s Everglade is full of unique kinds of wildlife. From mammals to amphibians, to birds and of course, reptiles, there’s a little something for all animal lovers in the Everglades. Everybody knows the American Alligator rules the swamps of the Everglades. But, do you know what else lurks in this amazing ecosystem? In this post from the Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides blog, you can learn more about the Wildlife of the Everglades.

Birds Of The Everglades

Wildlife of The Everglades - Snail Kite

Wildlife of The Everglades – Snail Kite

There are over 300 species of birds in Florida’s Everglades. Some of these birds call the Everglades their home year rounds, like the White and Glossy Ibis, or the Roseate Spoonbill. On the other hand, some birds are only there for the winter, and the species of birds that migrate to Florida can change year by year. Among the birds in the Everglades are a number of iconic species, like the Bald Eagles or the rare, endangered Snail Kite. Bird watchers will have plenty of work to do if they want to see everything that Florida’s Everglades has to offer!


Mammals Of The Everglades

Wildlife of The Everglades - Wild Hog

Wildlife of The Everglades – Wild Hog

While much of the Everglades is composed of wetlands, rivers, and ponds, there are dry areas that are a great place for Mammals to live. Over 40 different species of mammals live in the Everglades. One of the most common mammals of the Everglades is the Wild Hog. If you see one of these animals when not on one of our Airboat tours, stay clear! They aren’t the friendliest and can attack when provoked. But, for the most part, they’re shy and skittish. In addition to the Wild Hog, there are foxes, deer, and even bobcats. Additionally, within the water, lives the peaceful Sea Cow – the West Indian Manatee. Seeing a mammal off to the side during one of our airboat tours is one-of-a-kind, and something not many people get to experience.

Reptiles of the Everglades

Let’s not forget the most famous animals of the Everglades: those fascinating reptiles. No one ever talks about the Everglades without mentioning the majestic American alligator, and of course the American crocodile. Did you know that the Everglades is one of the only places where you can witness those two creatures living in their natural environment? Seeing crocodiles and alligators in the wild is one of those unique opportunities that you will be offered when you take an Everglades airboat ride. Speaking of reptiles, there is also the non-native Burmese python. This creature made its way to Florida, and you might come across one during your tour if you’re lucky. Reptiles make a lot of people curious, that is because they are such unique and sometimes terrifying creatures.

Will you see them all?

There are never any guarantees when it comes to wildlife. The good news is that your airboat captain will always do their best to make it happen. The Everglades is their playing field, and they know the best places where those creatures nest. During your airboat ride, we will do everything possible to maximize your chances of animal encounters. Also, don’t worry, we make sure to keep a safe distance from those animals, so you be in danger. We believe in respecting the Everglades ecosystem, and as such we do our best not to bother the animals that inhabit it. This is why airboats are great. They allow us to glide above the surface of the water without affecting most of the wildlife. Airboats are also fast enough so we can take off if we see that the animals aren’t welcoming us with open arms!

Come See The Incredible Animals Of The Everglades With Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides

As you can see, there is no shortage of animals living in the Everglades. Along with beautiful sceneries, the animal kingdom is one of the most popular attractions that brings people to visit Florida. Apart from birds and mammals, the Everglades is full of a number of species of reptiles like the American Alligator and Crocodile. Additionally, there are a number of unique turtles, frogs, fish, and much more. Interested in booking an Everglades airboat tour with Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides? Give us a call at (954) 284-9130 or contact us online.

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