Everglades Swamp Tours

Everglades Swamp Tours

Everglades swamp tours in Fort Lauderdale Florida are a great way to see the subtropical wetland of Florida. Located in Florida near Fort Lauderdale.  Everglades or Swamp as it is called by tourists flows south from West Palm Beach To Miami. Fort Lauderdale is a popular spot to visit although visitors are unaware of how close they are to the Everglades.  This is where visitors can get a closer look at the Everglades’ wildlife. The Everglades has been around for thousands of years and has a rich Native American culture. An Everglades swamp tour is one of the top attractions in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale airboat rides provide private swamp tours, as well as private airboat tours daily. Join us today for an adventure, as well as one of the best boat tours in Fort Lauderdale Florida. It is fun for the entire family, couples, or corporate groups.

Everglades Swamp Tours Fort Lauderdale

The Native Americans named the everglades Okeechobee meaning “river of grass” and the everglades are exactly that. It is classified as one of the widest rivers in the world.  Only in the more recent decades have we realized the importance of the natural beauty and ecological balance of keeping the swamp preserved, and since then Florida has started to protect its land. Airboat tours can be fun although they are very educational and interesting.

The thrill of an airboat ride

Airboat Rides are about more than just visiting. They are also about having a fun time whilst doing it. Our airboats glide above the water surface, and they can go fast! Airboat rides are a truly exciting time, a fast-paced trip across the swampland. Comparing airboats to traditional boats would be doing them disfavor. Airboats have speed, they move very smoothly and are very mobile. It brings a very welcome breeze, but never enough to feel uncomfortable. The best way to imagine it is to visualize a fast ride in a theme park. Don’t worry though, your head won’t be placed upside down, it’s all smooth riding. Also, and this is a big also, airboats don’t cause sickness. They don’t sway around, so even if you are susceptible to this sort of discomfort, you will actually be able to enjoy an airboat ride without any downsides to it. You and your family, especially your kids, will be able to enjoy being on an airboat. This is what makes airboats so great: they are flexible, making them the ideal vehicle for all sorts of people. From younger to older, almost everyone will be able to have a good time.

Superb nature, awesome animals

The ecosystem of the Everglades is big and imposing. Plants and animals thrive across many acres of marshes and swampland. You might well witness an American alligator or even an American crocodile. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine the feeling of witnessing such a scary yet awesome beast. Reptiles are only the tip of the iceberg, the icing on the cake as they say. You will also find many native and unique bird species, mammals, fish, insects… the list goes on. Traveling the Everglades is the perfect opportunity for bird lovers to finally encounter species such as the Roseate Spoonbill and many more. Now, of course, can’t always say 100% that you will come across the exact animal you are looking for. It is nature after all, and we can’t always foresee where every creature is going to be at any given time. However, we know the Everglades very well as if it were our own garden. We will always take you to the best spots to maximize your chances of witnessing as many of the superb creatures as can possibly be.


Abundant wildlife attracts people from all over the globe, throughout, an airboat tour is nothing short of fascinating.  To experience an airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale contact us today, even if you just want a joy ride. We specialize in Airboat rides with a one on one experience that is private with you and nature. You will not be disappointed to read our 5-star reviews of Fort Lauderdale airboat rides. To learn more about the Everglades go to Everglades National Park 

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