Airboats - Tourist enjoying an Airboat


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Airboats in the past Airboat rides have been around since the mid-1960s, however, the boats are a lot different today. The first motors were aircraft piston motors. However, they worked really well for airboats in the Everglades.  They were not airworthy anymore and they were...
Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale - Cypress Trees

Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale

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Everglades Tours Fort Lauderdale Everglades tours Fort Lauderdale can be a fun and exciting trip for the entire family. Whether you are young or old there are many options. The first thing I would like to clear up is the fact that the everglades run from south of  Lake Okeechobee...
Roseate Spoonbill feeding

Roseate Spoonbill

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Roseate Spoonbill Roseate Spoonbill, a beautifully colored and unique species of birds and one out of six types of spoonbill.  This Bird is only found in the Americas and the Everglades. You can find Spoonbills along the south Florida coast. The range starting from the northern...


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Everglades The Everglades, the river that expands across most of south Florida has been alive and growing for thousands of years. The Everglades not only exist as a habitat for hundreds of species of animals ,but also serves to be the main water supply for homes in South Florida....
Fort Lauderdale Attractions - Enjoying the beach

Fort Lauderdale Attractions

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Fort Lauderdale Attractions Once a small low populated town in the late 1920s, Fort Lauderdale has turned into a boomtown and now is a tourist hot spot. For those who are looking to experience Fort Lauderdale attractions, you have come to the best city for attractions. Fort...
Everglades swamp tours - a pond in the Florida Everglades

Everglades Swamp Tours

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Everglades Swamp Tours Everglades swamp tours in Fort Lauderdale Florida are a great way to see the subtropical wetland of Florida. Located in Florida near Fort Lauderdale.  Everglades or Swamp as it is called by tourists flows south from West Palm Beach To Miami. Fort Lauderdale...
Family enjoying Fort Lauderdale airboat rides

Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides

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Fort Lauderdale Airboat rides Fort Lauderdale Airboat rides in the Florida Everglades Everglades attracts a lot of people due to its abundant flora and fauna. The swamps of Florida are filled with both crocodiles and alligators.  They are sometimes not easy to spot on an airboat...
Fan Boat tours in the Everglades

Fan Boat Tours in Florida

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Fan Boat Tours a Florida attraction for a lot of tourists from all around the world. The place is most popular for its theme parks with thrill and adventurous rides. But a vacation in Florida is totally unfinished and incomplete without a fan boat tour. The words Fan Boat Tours...
A family enjoying Airboat rides Fort Lauderdale

Airboat Rides Fort lauderdale

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Airboat Rides Fort Lauderdale  Airboat rides Fort Lauderdale fun for everyone, Florida is a popular spot that attracts people from all around the world. While Florida is most famous for its theme parks, you will miss out on the Florida Everglades if you don’t go on an airboat...
White Ibis in the Florida Everglades

Discover the Florida Everglades on an Airboat

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Discover the Florida Everglades on an Airboat Ride Discover the Florida Everglades on an airboat, the Florida Everglades is a hidden jewel of natural beauty and thrilling adventure. Glittering rivers and swamps banked by acres of Sawgrass make up the majority of this hidden...