Airboat Everglades Tours Fun Facts

When it comes to traversing the Everglades, there’s only one vehicle that can do it effortlessly: the Airboat. Considering this, it’s obvious that the best way to explore the Everglades is on one of these incredible machines. But – thrill-seekers beware! Getting your hands on an airboat and blindly venturing into Florida’s endless River of Grass is not the smartest idea. While traveling with airboats is entirely safe in the Everglades, boat captains still need to know where they’re going. Unlike Florida’s various other waterways like the Intracostal, the Everglades does not offer posted signs indicating which way is which or what the speed limit is in that area.

That makes guided Everglades Airboat tours from Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides the safest way of exploring the Everglades. Our experienced airboat captains will take you through the Florida Everglades, allowing you to focus on taking in the scenery and letting us handle the driving and directions. Our knowledgeable captains will give you facts about the environment surrounding you each step of the way. Airboats are one of the only TRULY safe ways of exploring Florida’s Everglades. Keep in mind; the Everglades are chock-full of snakes, alligators, and other wildlife that could be dangerous to humans. Airboats allow humans to travel through the Everglades without any potential danger. Learn more about airboats and the Everglades with our fun facts below:

Airboats Fun Facts

Airboats have a flat bottom

An airboat is a flat-bottomed boat. Why flat-bottomed, you ask? Flat-bottomed boats allow for easier access to shallow waters, which make up a large portion of the Everglades. Traditional boats simply can’t compete in terms of accessibility and mobility. Airboats are the best way to navigate swamps and marshlands. They are the perfect vehicle for discovering the Everglades.

Airboats use a plane propeller?

In many cases, they are powered by the same engine and propeller commonly used in small airplanes. This sounds pretty crazy, but if an engine is good enough for a plane, then it’s good enough for an airboat! After all, if it can get a plane to fly, then why would it not help a boat to move forwards? When you think about it, it is pretty clever stuff. An airboat is often made out of aluminum or fiberglass due to the light-weight nature of these materials. This combination of both light but solid materials is essential for a boat that travels at such speeds. It is the best of both worlds.

Different names for airboats

Airboats have different names depending on the part of the world you’re in. One of the most popular alternative names for airboats comes from Canada – where they’re often called “fan boats.” It all makes sense since it is based on that giant propeller you can see at the back of the boat. After all, it does look like one giant fan. It certainly kicks off a lof wind, enough to make airboats go really fast.

Airboats are eco-friendly

They are much more environmentally friendly vs standard boats. The flat bottom of airboats allows for the boat to “glide” across the top of the water. On standard boats, the hull of the boat “dips” into the water, meaning that things below the surface could be damaged. This includes wildlife and plant life. Flatbottomed boats like airboats are the perfect vehicle for traversing the Everglades in terms of function and environmental consciousness. Conservation is a necessity in an area like the Everglades. It has seen a lot of negative changes over the years. Airboats are eco-tourism at their best.

Airboats don’t always need water

Many airboats can move entirely without water! This makes them the best choice for traversing the often shallow pools of the Everglades. Imagine a boat that is flexible enough to do that!

Experience The Everglades Like Never Before With Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides

It’s possible to see the Everglades from the side of the road on highways and interstates like I-95, the Turnpike, and the Sawgrass Express Way. But, just seeing the Everglades from a distance does Florida’s River of Grass no justice. Experience the majesty of Florida’s Everglades with Fort Lauderdale Airboat Rides. Want to book a tour, learn more about our tours, or ask a pricing question? Give us a call at (954) 284-9130 or contact us online at any time.

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