Ft Lauderdale Airboat Ride Rates

Children under 6 years of age ride for free.
Children between 6-12 years of age ride for half price.

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All tours and rides are private for just 2 people or small groups, the tours and rides are tailored to your needs. You will only be with your group. We are not a tourist trap we are the real thing so book a trip today with the original cypress airboat tours in the beautiful south Florida everglades.

Bronze Safari - One hour intro package Airboat ride thru the everglades for two people on your private tour. This package is approximately a 10 to 15 mile round trip journey thru the Florida everglades. This tour is limited due to the one hour time frame and you may not be able to see everything. (Bronze summer time package offered only June 1st thru September 30th )

Includes 2 adults $ 350.00
Additional persons $ 75.00 each

Silver Safari - Two hour tour package our most popular tour for two people on your private boat. This package is approximately a forty mile round trip thru the river of grass and it gives you enough time to reach the backcountry of the true everglades were you may experience much more wildlife, birds, plant life, aquatic life and larger alligators.

Includes two adults $ 375.00
Additional persons $ 75.00 each

Gold Safari- Three hour tour package for two people on your private boat. This package is for the adventures who really want to spend that extra time viewing wildlife, going to the everglades islands, cruising the waterways for big gators and spending that extra time in nature taking photographs and home movies. This tour covers over 50 miles of beautiful terrain in the Florida everglades.

Includes two adults $ 475.00
Additional persons $ 75.00 each

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