The Everglades, a Slow moving river that expands across most of south florida has been alive and growing for thousands of years, The Glades not only exist as a habitat for hundreds of species of animals and other natural organisms,but also serves to be the main water supply for eight million people plus, within South Florida. This ecosystem has been, and continues to be a vital resource for South Florida, The River of grass being the largest sub tropical wilderness in the US stretching about 1,542,526 acres. In the past Century drainage projects and the effects from recent developments has the Everglades shrinking to nearly half its size. It is now under protection from further harm since it was established as a national park, and about 1.5 million acres is protected, but the lasting effects of water pollution and invasive species is still a big problem, and in the more recent years, we are continuing to be more and more aware of the environment and have sought the best ways to preserve it. Because of this the Florida swamp is protected and being helped now more than ever before and that is making an impact.

Aside from the mistreatment of the Everglades, you can still enjoy its beauty and the wild life that dwell within its sawgrass prairies. The types of animals you can hope to encounter are mostly aquatic, but is a wide variety from many insects, birds, fish, and even some mammals. Airboat tours which can be found in Fort Lauderdale are the best way to safely trek the everglades and while also getting up close and personal with the famous reptiles of the Glades, alligators, a commonly sought after sight to see and native to the Glades. No matter the past with the everglades, we are seeing to preserve the remainder of its beauty and its wildlife, for ecological and resource reasons, as well as the fun of seeing the one of a kind wild nature held within.

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