Everglades Swamp Tours

Everglades swamp tours in the Florida everglades is a great way to see the sub tropical wetland of Florida, located in southern Florida near Fort Lauderdale. Starting in Orlando and following the Kissimmiee river into lake Okeechobee. It then flows south and the runoff of the limestone shelf into the lower end of south Florida. A popular spot to visit is the Fort lauderdale portion of the Everglades, or also nick named the Everglades swamp tours by tourist. This is where visitors can get a closer look at the Florida Everglades and take an Everglades swamp tour.The Everglades had been around for thousands of years, and has a rich native american culture ingrained in its waters. The native Americans named the everglades Okeechobee meaning “river of grass” and the everglades is exactly that. The wetlands are comprised of vast shallow swamp like areas covered in grass and marsh vegetation, home to a large amount of aquatic and bird life.

Since the 19th century we have abused and drained over fifty percent of the glades for agriculture, or just land opportunity. Only in the more recent decades have we realized the importance of the natural beauty and ecological balance of keeping the everglades preserved, and since then Florida has started to protect its land. Portions of the Everglades In 1947 were deemed a national park and this started the push to save one of the widest rivers in the world for preservation.The everglades is now a popular spot for tourist to explore, mainly by boat, or Airboat rides. Airboat rides from Fort Lauderdale are the safest and most efficient way of touring the swamps of Florida. The rich wildlife attracts people from all over, from the golden-orb weavers (banana spiders), to the Florida alligators, The everglades is a beautiful part of South Florida’s land, meant to be enjoyed and observed by all. To experience an airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale conatct us today Fort Lauderdale airboat rides . To learn more about the Everglades go to Everglades National Park

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